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Aug 7, 2017



Edited: Mar 6, 2018

Petrichor is the Archangel of Rain whose current residence is an apartment that used to be a pasta factory on the edge of Little Italy, San Diego, 2016.


Maybe it's because it's set in California, but I decided to have the narrator describe characters in terms of the actor they most looked like. It's like a meme-ification (is that a thing?) of character, in a way. Meme-ification may, indeed, be an actual word by 2018.


The basis for Petrichor started with the King of the Modern Anti-Heroes: John Cusack.

But when I was needed to add details about Petrichor in a much earlier timeline, I came across this picture of Gary Cooper from 1930's The Spoilers that changed my mind forever. This photo just captured it for me. This was Petrichor of the past with his Bess, the one who came before the cat.








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  • Rowan
    Jan 3

    "Emma" by Jane Austen "Etiquette" by Emily Post "Revolver" by The Beatles "Beauty and The Beat" by The Go-Go's "Madeline" by Ludwig Bemelmans My brain switched ON at 4:45pm today in full-on Feed Me For The Second Novel mode. I'm on the lookout for any revolutionary women writers (novelists, playwrights, poets) from all cultures and time slices. I'm starving for these words!
  • Rowan
    Mar 6, 2018

    I've got my sleeves rolled up on the rewrite and revision of my novel draft (TMH). Today, I'm working on revising some squirrel narration. While The Jets of 'West Side Story' provided the inspiration for the group of them all together, some of them, like the previously mentioned Cookie (Mamie van Doren), are characters all to themselves. Floyd the squirrel wouldn't exist without the fancy footwork and delightful words of one Donald O'Connor, specifically his character Cosmo Brown in Singing in the Rain . In my head, Floyd dances in his spare time. I want to think he does the following routine with the trees in Balboa Park. I'd like to also think that he gets tips in the form of berries, seeds, and maybe a stray potato chip. Take it away, Floyd... er... Donald.
  • Rowan
    Feb 7, 2018

    There are a LOT of squirrels in my RECENTLY FINISHED novel draft (now in revision - which makes me think of Panavision). Most of them aren't named, but there are a handful - four, to be exact - who are extra special. (One already has a mention in another post). In revising the draft and adding a prologue (what I'm calling an overture, because I'm cinematic at heart), I decided to give three of the four an earlier appearance and, frankly, a bigger starring role. The breakout star of the overture is a California ground squirrel named Cookie. Because the squirrels of San Diego are fascinated by beat culture and fast cars, I knew I needed to find a mid-1950s to mid-1960s role model for Cookie. I had to look no further than Mamie Van Doren, the singer and platinum blonde bombshell who starred in a picture called, you guessed it, The Beat Generation . #kismet